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1 Tapiza /Manufacturer of furniture upholstery design assistant.

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Calle dels Ferrers, s/n 46290 - Alcacer Valencia - Spain Tlf. 0034 96 1241764 Fax. 00 34 961242575

A new concept of auxiliary upholstered furniture comes from the hand of our company, with proposals ranging from the most original designs to more traditional styles.

The home is transformed into a space where no limits are coupled forms soft upholstery and daring of our puffs, pears and folding screens with a wide range of sensations open to any proposal following aesthetics own individual style.

furniture assistant amends its traditional concept in our bid to functionality. After an apparent decorative image and harmonious, are hiding multiple roles as added value of our products. From a shoemaker to a chest, going through a true showcase of art, are the options presented by this new catalog.

The art will be introduced into the aesthetics of upholstery, breaking with the horizontality, and filling any stay in style and originality own designs pop art, features traditional ethnic or proposals.

The convenience and comfort arropan also this new catalog. The sensations are multiplied in the showcase of the latest trends in blankets, cushions and plaids, made with tissue newest utmost care in finishing.

This site contains a gamble for us to climb the steps leading to the originality and new concepts to create trends that filled the home of notes of distinction and comfort wrapped by the design and the functionality.

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